Career Development Program: Allowing Brain Tumor Survivors to Obtain and Maintain Rewarding Employment
Many brain tumor survivors face changes in appearance; physical changes such as vision loss or balance problems; changes in the way they learn such as memory loss; or changes in behavior. This may impact career direction and the ability to obtain and maintain a job which matches their strengths.

The goal of this Career Development Program is to assist brain tumor survivors in career decisions, improve their knowledge of their strengths and challenges, and assist them with ways of dealing with them in order to assure they thrive in the workforce and maximize independence. To achieve this goal we will create and implement a program where their unique strengths and challenges can be addressed and accepted, thus empowering them to excel.

Whether you are a brain tumor survivor, family member of a survivor, or a potential employer, our program will provide you with information and resources regarding the medical, cognitive and emotional impacts of a brain tumor and its treatment. It will also offer the practical (and sometimes not as practical) ways to address the unique challenges of survivorship.

We look forward to working with you to develop a program to allow brain tumor survivors to obtain and maintain rewarding employment.


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